Dead and Company

Folsom Field

Boulder, CO

Jul 6, 2019

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Show Notes

Dead & Company: Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, John Mayer, Bob Weir, with Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti


Jackson87 11/4/2022 6:55:57 PM

"I'm forever grateful that my wife and I were at this show! The only time in any iteration of previous Grateful Dead members performing where Ripple and Brokedown Palace were played back to back for the encore. It was a dream I had dreamed for a majority of my 35 years and was truly overwhelming emotionally. Standing with the love of my life experiencing this one-of-a-kind moment was easily one of the greatest moments of my life and I couldn't have even dreamed it more beautifully! The cool Colorado breeze blowing, perfect temperature, and beautiful crowd completely surrounding us! Absolutely the greatest concert moment of my 35 year life! I'll be forever grateful and am absolutely content with the knowledge that I've seen the best show I'll(most likely) ever see in my life. I hope I can have another couple shows that'll come close to this but the bar is so astronomically high that I have doubts that it'll ever be touched and I'm okay with that. I also still look forward to all the shows that I'll have the opportunity to see and I hope everybody in the world gets to have a concert moment like it. It seems to me to be exactly what this world needs. Pure beauty!!!"

Brian 7/8/2021 9:18:46 AM

"I saw this show and listened to both nights over and over. I think this night is much better than the previous. Bob’s vocals are in fine form and I like the energy better. Friday’s show starts off strong but felt it got boring midway through. Perhaps because they didn’t take their usual break due to the rain delay that kicked off after the first song. "

text 10/1/2019 2:08:33 AM


O.E 7/11/2019 3:29:59 AM

"Best show by the Co. I've heard yet! Definitely a magical moment I'm grateful to have been a part of. Crowd was a bit chatty throughout and the band could expand their repertoire a bit as always, but they really hit it home for me here through the second set. ??"

TheAnswerMan 7/10/2019 8:40:57 AM

"This show was a custy delight. The chads were out in full force for this show, the band knew it, the songs were just Played, not Played. The night seemed uninspired and it’s clear the juice from 7/5 did not leave anything left for 7/6. The Saturday show legitimately could have been skipped. Bad audio mix, oteil was turned up so much it became distracting, the tops and bottoms of the bass sound were distorted due to volume. 7/5 audio was balanced and perfect, John and Jeff turned up. 7/6 you only can hear oteil. Very disappointed with the 7/6 but that’s what makes it obvious 7/5 was the real one."


Setlist at Folsom Field, Boulder, CO on Jul 6, 2019

Set One

Scarlet Begonias 716


Fire On The Mountain 544


Brown Eyed Women 447


Loser 539


They Love Each Other 713


Bird Song 734


New Speedway Boogie 578


Don't Ease Me In 274


Set Two

Playin' In The Band 635


Estimated Prophet 826


Franklin's Tower 581


Eyes of the World 879


Standing on the Moon 573


Drums 718


Space 294


Althea 580


Days Between 777


Not Fade Away 533



Ripple 299


Brokedown Palace 355


Playin' In The Band 277


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