Dead and Company

On The Road: Nov. - Dec. 2015


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Show Notes
  • Live Compilation from November and December, 2015
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Chris the Denver Deadhead 3/3/2024 8:54:07 PM

"Wish this had the Little Red Rooster from Broomfield. John and Jeff were on fire with back and forth solos throughout, and Bobby was really howling. I'd love to hear that jam again."

Dagobrah 3/15/2021 6:29:04 AM

"You can really hear Oteil 2015 - 2016. I’m guessing him and Jeff had to carry most of the weight until Mayer became more integrated/comfortable with the music. Just listen to the “Eyes” from this compilation for a good example of them picking up the slack. Oteil really needs to sound like this again. FIX the MIX"

PhreeHetiNed 2/7/2021 2:23:25 PM

"Can we please make this available for purchase? Lots of cuts from shows I saw on this first tour. Give the people what they want!"

Hallo 2/2/2021 10:08:16 AM

"Totally agree about Buffalo show. That’s what I was looking for. Bob Weir sang China Doll and it blew my heart right open. I believe it was the only time before Oteil. Would love to hear that show again!"

Hayes 1/8/2021 7:20:52 PM

"We need the Buffalo show from this tour, scorcher."


Jack Straw - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 630


Help On The Way - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 311


Slipknot! - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 429


Franklin's Tower - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 719


Aiko Aiko - 11/20/15 St. Lous, MO 547


Sugaree - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 854


The Music Never Stopped - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 664


Bertha - 11/24/15 Broomfield, CO 540


Brown-Eyed Women - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 429


Cold Rain & Snow - 12/27/15 San Francisco, CA 450


Eyes of the World - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 1193


Sugar Magnolia - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 614


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