Dead and Company

On The Road: Nov. - Dec. 2015


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Show Notes
  • Live Compilation from November and December, 2015
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Dagobrah 3/15/2021 6:29:04 AM

"You can really hear Oteil 2015 - 2016. I’m guessing him and Jeff had to carry most of the weight until Mayer became more integrated/comfortable with the music. Just listen to the “Eyes” from this compilation for a good example of them picking up the slack. Oteil really needs to sound like this again. FIX the MIX"

PhreeHetiNed 2/7/2021 2:23:25 PM

"Can we please make this available for purchase? Lots of cuts from shows I saw on this first tour. Give the people what they want!"

Hallo 2/2/2021 10:08:16 AM

"Totally agree about Buffalo show. That’s what I was looking for. Bob Weir sang China Doll and it blew my heart right open. I believe it was the only time before Oteil. Would love to hear that show again!"

Hayes 1/8/2021 7:20:52 PM

"We need the Buffalo show from this tour, scorcher."

Scott 10/15/2020 4:20:39 PM

"We need the msg shows from this tour"


Jack Straw - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 630


Help On The Way - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 311


Slipknot! - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 429


Franklin's Tower - 12/28/15 San Francisco, CA 719


Aiko Aiko - 11/20/15 St. Lous, MO 547


Sugaree - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 854


The Music Never Stopped - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 664


Bertha - 11/24/15 Broomfield, CO 540


Brown-Eyed Women - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 429


Cold Rain & Snow - 12/27/15 San Francisco, CA 450


Eyes of the World - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 1193


Sugar Magnolia - 11/20/15 St. Louis, MO 614


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