Dead and Company

Playing In The Sand

Riviera Maya, MX

Jan 17, 2019

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About Formats
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Tyler M 2/9/2019 9:55:19 AM

"Ignore Phan_Halen comment hahaha. I was actually at playing in the sand and Set 1 of night 1 with the opening of shakedown was arguably the best set the band played the whole weekend! Every set was magical."

Phan_Halen 2/4/2019 6:53:57 AM

"First set is one of the band’s worst sets played. Slow and disjointed. Being their first set played since August I’ll cut them some slack as set 2 is fantastic. Overall the show is a 3 star affair as I’d give set 1 a single star and set 2 five stars. "

Beargirl69 1/26/2019 6:02:32 PM

"We had the honor of being at the show. Not only was it magical, but it was one of the most unbelievable times of my life. It is very hard to listen and not have a visual of the shows. Last year, I was so mad, I couldn't go. The Deadhead tribe, is alive and kickin. I met so many wonderful people young and old. I called the closing song and not only was I in shock, but my tribes mouths were agape. I was at the NOLA show and it was the only show, Warewolves of London, played. I saw it was written in. Everyone around me kept saying, no way, not after Ship of Fools. Wolf Blood Moon, common, it was a no brainer! Sailing on the Moon, always makes me cry. This night was no different. Soul cleansing song. You can bet, Bobby, is singing it to Jerry. For those, who are bashing the shows, maybe you had to be there. I highly recommend it. I will take this memory to my grave. Summer tour cannot come soon enough. Friday night they had Larkin Loe, excellent musicians. Dumpstaphunk is one of my favorite bands and they had an awesome show! They never disappoint! If you find a video, of them doing Ramble On, with Marcus King, watch it! I danced until my bones fell apart. Worth every single penny! Hate on haters, life is too short. I choose to believe the music never stopped. Jerry, was very present, in every single person there. Peace and love, my Deadhead tribe! Until we meet again!"

Ash 1/24/2019 9:13:47 AM

"This was an awesome show! My face melted off. It was exactly what was needed. I am so blown away by all the haters and negative people on here. If you don’t like it, move on and spend your money elsewhere. Life is too short to just whine and bitch. Jerry’s no longer here and he never will be, so either be happy with what we have to experience or go elsewhere. Man, the world needs a lot less negative losers. "

Ken 1/22/2019 6:54:42 AM

"Sad to see all the negative stuff here. If you don't like it just leave."


Setlist at Playing In The Sand, Riviera Maya, MX on Jan 17, 2019

Set One

Shakedown Street 943


Mr. Charlie 287


  • $1.29
Jack Straw 786


Friend Of The Devil 451


  • $1.29
Here Comes Sunshine 542


  • $1.29
New Speedway Boogie 587


  • $1.29
Bird Song 801


New Speedway Boogie 170


  • $1.29

Set Two

China Cat Sunflower 567


  • $1.29
Cumberland Blues 465


  • $1.29
I Know You Rider 843


Terrapin Station 867


Drums 576


  • $1.29
Space 278


  • $1.29
Stella Blue 729


Help On The Way 276


  • $1.29
Slipknot! 426


  • $1.29
Franklin's Tower 753



Ripple 320


  • $1.29

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