Dec 28, 2019

Dead and Company

The Forum, Los Angeles, CA

12/28/19 The Forum, Los Angeles, CA


Set One

Viola Lee Blues 693


  • $1.29
Bertha 485


  • $1.29
Viola Lee Blues 217


  • $1.29
Jack Straw 715


  • $1.29
Big Boss Man 480


  • $1.29
Friend Of The Devil 448


  • $1.29
West L.A. Fadeaway 628


  • $1.29
Lost Sailor 452


  • $1.29
Saint of Circumstance 533


  • $1.29

Set Two

Viola Lee Blues 59


  • $1.29
China Cat Sunflower 505


  • $1.29
I Know You Rider 663


  • $1.29
Dark Star 1025


He's Gone 718


  • $1.29
Drums 488


  • $1.29
Space 256


  • $1.29
Althea 618


  • $1.29
Morning Dew 622


  • $1.29
One More Saturday Night 362


  • $1.29


The Weight 514


  • $1.29
Reviews for this item

Boxofrain94 9/7/2021 11:48:09 PM

"Probably the slowest uninspiring jack straws, and a lackluster 1st set that sorta explodes into a very fun 2nd set, China/rider dark star,dew, Saturday night, skip the first set and go straight to 2nd set beauty"

Nick 12/11/2020 9:42:26 AM

"Best show I’ve ever been in my whole life, so good I had to follow up to SF for the new year show. It was wicked good."

Clarissa 11/29/2020 2:56:17 PM

"Here I am reviewing this a year later,or nearly a year at least. So much has happened since this show, but I remember it so well. No matter what incantation of the Dead you are listening to, Viola Lee brings you into that bluesy party swing and the set starting there was perfect. My boogie shoes didn't come off all night long I don't love indoor shows, not in the way I love outdoor shows, and in this particular indoor show we were also left with only some creative light ing, no spectacular graphic magic background to pull us out of the smelly arena and into a more beautiful place, so we had to rely on our own imagination and strength of mind and heart to do so for us. For me, Bobby took the wheel and led me right into the space I needed to be, and I was left with nothing to do but smile smile smile... And dance dance dance. Damnit, I miss shows so much. "I am ony hands and knees, 'Rona don't you come around here no more!" We need our shows and our community back! "

Charlotte 4/13/2020 12:59:08 PM

"The Forum show that Saturday night was epic! I was in the Pit with other dedicated D"

W. F. 12/29/2019 12:22:08 PM

"teases us with just enough flavor(only a whiff of a hint of the faintest sprinkle suggesting a taste once rich to its core) left to point almost intuitively yet still confidently flailing blind with faith or fate toward an eternity so close it's felt like a ball peen hammer to the forehead without leaving a trace or mark except the look of wonder remaining on your face for as long as you can hold on . Happy New Year"