Snarky Puppy

Ardmore Music Hall

Ardmore, PA

Sep 16, 2015

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About Formats
Show Notes

Ardmore Music Hall
Ardmore, PA
September 16, 2015

Jason “JT” Thomas - drums
Nate Werth - percussion
Shaun Martin - organ, Moog, keyboard
Justin Stanton - Fender Rhodes, keyboard, trumpet
Jay Jennings - trumpet & flugelhorn
Mike Maher - trumpet & flugelhorn
Chris Bullock - tenor sax & flute
Bob Lanzetti - guitar
Michael League - bass
Matt Recchia - sound

1. Strawman
2. Skate U
3. Whitecap
4. Kite
5. Bent Nails
6. What About Me?
7. Shofukan
8. Sleeper

Recorded by Matt Recchia
Mixed by Nic Hard
Assistant Mix Engineer - Ed Riley

Intimate room. First show with room mics in the recording setup. Great vibe from the start. Justin toys with Strawman. Bob rocks the tremolo system. Shaun opts for harmonica on Skate U. Jay burns through a sloppy/fun Whitecap on his own. Chris owns Kite. Lots of stretching on the outro. Fast, super funky Bent Nails. Justin takes the outro on trumpet. Mind reading with JT, Bob, and Shaun on What About Me? Maz takes Shofukan. Shaun takes it home on his own with Sleeper.



Setlist at Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA on Sep 16, 2015

Set One

Strawman 745


Skate U 690


Whitecap 652


Kite 625


Bent Nails 694


What About Me? 706


Shofukan 932



Sleeper 618


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