Snarky Puppy

Teatro NESCAFE de las Artes

Santiago, CL

Nov 16, 2015

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

The first song, Flood, is not included due to a technical error in the recording process.


Teatro NESCAFE de las Artes
Santiago, CL
November 16, 2015

Jamison Ross - drums
Marcelo Woloski - percussion
Bill Laurance - keyboards
Justin Stanton - keyboards & trumpet
Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet, flugelhorn, & vocals
Chris Bullock - tenor sax & flute
Mark Lettieri - guitar
Michael League - bass & vocals
Mike Harrison - sound
Matt Recchia - stage sound

Recorded by Matt Recchia
Mixed by Nic Hard
Assistant Mix Engineer - Ed Riley

1. Outlier
2. Binky
3. What About Me?
4. Young Stuff
5. Tio Macaco
6. Sleeper
Encore 1
7. Lingus
Encore 2
8. Shofukan

Last show of the South American run, and last with this lineup. Serious gel in the band. Unbelievable crowd. Outlier rocks. The only performance of this with Jamison on drums. He and Bullock bring the energy. Marcelo brings in Binky on his own. Shaun brings the crowd in with an organ solo. The outro goes D’Angelo and simmers. Mark and Jamison get churchy on What About Me? and Jamison gets displacement-happy on the solo. Justin dials up a crazy patch on Young Stuff. Michael, Jamison, and Bill really get into it, swinging during the bass solo. The crowd keeps a pulse while Marcelo jumps all around it on pandeiro for the start of Tio Macaco. He and Jamison take their time in conversation on the solo. Shaun turns the crowd up on Sleeper and drops some Eurythmics. The band encores with Lingus as Bill calmly transitions from mellow textures to rhythmic punches. The second encore features Justin on Shofukan with a beautiful solo on trumpet. The crowd won’t stop. The band drops some go-go. Shaun blames it on the alcohol. Lots of energy from the crowd and band throughout. Very cohesive overall. And very fun.



Setlist at Teatro NESCAFE de las Artes, Santiago, CL on Nov 16, 2015

Set One

Flood 500


Outlier 535


Binky 453


What About Me? 751


Young Stuff 740


Tio Macaco 1013


Sleeper 817


First Encore

Lingus 834


Second Encore

Shofukan 724


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