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Show Notes

Palmero performed on 12/17/17 with Nicolas Arroyo (congas) in Buenos Aires, AR. Click here to view the full show.

Koubaili performed 6/21/18 with Maalem Hamid El Kasri in Essaouira, MA Click here to view the full show. 

Tarova performed 7/13/19 with  Metropole Orkest in Rotterdam, NL. Click here to view the full show. 

Even Us performed 9/25/19 with Varijashree Venugopal in Orlando, FL. Click here to view the full show. 


Jam Band Enjoyer 4/7/2023 6:29:50 AM

"This Even Us is absolutely outrageous. One of the coolest things I've ever heard."

Marc Engel 3/5/2021 7:44:39 PM

"That tarova is wild!"

Marc Engel 3/5/2021 7:31:43 PM

"Sick guitar solo on Palermo. "


Palermo 579


Koubaili 399


Tarova 558


Even Us 1081


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