Snarky Puppy

Le Bikini

Toulouse, FR

Oct 12, 2015

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About Formats
Show Notes

Le Bikini
Toulouse, FR
October 12, 2015

Robert “Sput” Searight - drums
Nate Werth - percussion
Bill Laurance - keyboards
Cory Henry - keyboards
Justin Stanton - keyboards & trumpet
Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet & flugelhorn
Chris Bullock - tenor sax & flute
Mark Lettieri - guitar
Michael League - bass
Mike Harrison - sound
Matt Recchia - stage sound

1. What About Me?
2. Binky
3. Young Stuff
4. 34 Klezma
5. Outlier
6. Thing of Gold
7. Tio Macaco
8. Shofukan
9. Lingus

Recorded by Matt Recchia
Mixed by Nic Hard
Assistant Mix Engineer - Ed Riley

First time in Toulouse. Surprise sold-out crowd of 1,400. Lots of energy and interplay throughout. Straight out of the gate with What About Me? as Mark channels his inner rockstar. Slow jam on the first verse and drum solo. Binky goes metrically-relative hip-hop. Justin takes the first solo on Prophet and talks with Nate and Sput. Bill steps out on Rhodes during the vamp. Bullock takes the middle section of Young Stuff, and Cory finishes it off on Moog. Bill jumps right into a groove on 34 Klezma. Chris is patient on Outlier, alternating between effects and clean mics. Justin takes synth lead on Thing of Gold. The bridge grooves. Tio Macaco hits a pocket and stays there with great interplay between Sput and Nate at the end. Justin gets tasty on Shofukan. Crowd demands Lingus for an encore and the band obliges. Some nice, different groove stuff from Sput on Cory’s solo.



Setlist at Le Bikini, Toulouse, FR on Oct 12, 2015

Set One

What About Me? 712


Binky 1066


Young Stuff 636


34 Klezma 482


Outlier 475


Thing of Gold 465


Tio Macaco 752


Shofukan 785



Lingus 716


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