Snarky Puppy

Belly Up

Solana Beach, CA

Feb 26, 2018

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

* There is a short audio dropout in this performance due to a technical difficulty.


Chris Bullock - tenor sax, flute, and alto flute

Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals

Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards

Bill Laurance - keyboards

Shaun Martin - keyboards

Bob Lanzetti - guitar

Michael League - bass

Jamison Ross - drums and vocals

Nate Werth - percussion

Sound Crew:

Matt Recchia - engineering and sound (front of house)

Jesse Soifer - sound (monitors)

Nic Hard - mixing

Back at the little beach bar known as Belly Up. So nice to play in a small room again. Lots of stretching in this set. GØ gets long solos from Maz, Bill, and Bob. Nate transitions into Semente. Justin takes a trumpet solo. Jamison steps out vocally on Gemini. Shaun brings it down on Kronos and organ. Grown Folks gets an open bass intro. Bullock milks the first solo section. Bob rips over the outro. Shaun drives the bus on Thing of Gold and ends with an organ mash-up of America, The Beautiful and D’Angelo’s The Root. Bill takes the bait and goes right into Ready Wednesday. Jamison lays down 2 and 4. Justin dials up a sound on the Prophet and the band plays with bass drops. Bill takes it out. Encore is Big Ugly. Bullock takes an ambient solo. Bob takes one on guitar. Shaun goes choir director and gets the whole audience to sing leading tones. Funny, very informal vibe throughout the set. Lots of fun.




Setlist at Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA on Feb 26, 2018

Set One

Go 898


Semente 638


Gemini 887


Grown Folks 737


Thing of Gold 471


Ready Wednesday 1285



Big Ugly 780


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