Snarky Puppy

Festival Gnaoua

Essaouira, MA

Jun 21, 2018

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Night one of two at Festival Gnaoua! This is a very special 45 minute set featuring one of the most respected gnawa groups in the world, Maalem Hamid El Kasri, and an Algerian drum legend, Karim Ziad. 


Zach Brock - violin

Chris Bullock - tenor sax, flute, and alto flute

Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals

Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards

Bobby Sparks - keyboards

Shaun Martin - keyboards

Mark Lettieri - guitar

Michael League - bass

Eric Harland - drums 

Keita Ogawa- percussion



Setlist at Festival Gnaoua, Essaouira, MA on Jun 21, 2018

Set One

Binky 773


Quarter Master 717


Koubaili 399


Palermo 404


Lingus 856


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