Sep 15, 2015

Snarky Puppy

Southland Ballroom, Early Show - Raleigh, NC

09/15/15 Southland Ballroom, Early Show - Raleigh, NC


Set One

Flood 622


  • $0.99
Bent Nails 637


  • $0.99
Kite 662


  • $0.99
Young Stuff 737


Tio Macaco 814


Little Wing/Superstition 999


Lingus 716


  • $0.99
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Show Notes

Southland Ballroom - Early Show
Raleigh, North Carolina
September 15, 2015

Jason “JT” Thomas - drums
Nate Werth - percussion
Shaun Martin - organ, Moog, keyboard
Justin Stanton - Fender Rhodes, keyboard, trumpet
Jay Jennings - trumpet & flugelhorn
Mike Maher - trumpet & flugelhorn
Chris Bullock - tenor sax & flute
Bob Lanzetti - guitar
Michael League - bass
Matt Recchia - sound

Special Guest:
Eric Gales - guitar

1. Flood
2. Bent Nails
3. Kite
4. Young Stuff
5. Tio Macaco
6. Little Wing/Superstition
7. Lingus

Recorded by Matt Recchia
Mixed by Nic Hard
Assistant Mix Engineer - Ed Riley

Justin’s birthday. Early show. Driving, rhythmic Flood with Justin leading on Rhodes and synth. Loads of energy. Improvised outro. Chris uses feedback for inspiration on Bent Nails. Bass solo on the outro. Jay jumps between soul and bop on Kite. Dub outro with Justin pushing the band on Rhodes. Maz takes it out on Young Stuff. Really out. Shaun opts for soul synth harmonica (what?). Then organ. Things get crazy. JT and Nate do some mind reading on Tio Macaco. Eric Gales shows us how to play the guitar on Hendrix’s Little Wing and melds into Superstition- kinda. A force of nature. Jay takes his time on Lingus.