Snarky Puppy

The Historic Scoot Inn

Austin, TX

Sep 12, 2015

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About Formats
Show Notes

Historic Scoot Inn
Austin, Texas
September 12th, 2015

Jason "JT" Thomas - drums
Nate Werth - percussion
Shaun Martin - organ, Moog, keyboard
Justin Stanton - Fender Rhodes, keyboard, trumpet
Jay Jennings - trumpet & flugelhorn
Mike Maher – trumpet & flugelhorn
Chris Bullock - tenor sax & flute
Bob Lanzetti - guitar
Chris McQueen - guitar
Michael League - bass
Matt Recchia – sound

Recorded by Matt Recchia
Mixed by Nic Hard
Assistant Mix Engineer - Ed Riley

Day two of a 3-month tour. Day one with our new Hammond B3. Loose, but loads of creative energy and new ideas. JT pushing the band in new directions. Killer 2-keyboard solo on Flood from Justin. Dubbed-out, looooong Binky. Shaun takes over the outro and things go church. Jay burns on Whitecap and Kite. Shaun christens the new organ on Young Stuff. Kite slow jams. Shofukan goes rock. McQueen and Bob trade on Lingus. Shaun hams (even more than usual) on Sleeper. Jay and JT light up What About Me?.


Setlist at The Historic Scoot Inn, Austin, TX on Sep 12, 2015

Set One

Flood 737


Binky 1390


Whitecap 660


  • $0.99
Young Stuff 904


Set Two

Kite 732


Shofukan 591


  • $0.99
Tio Macaco 665


  • $0.99
Lingus 908



Sleeper 787


What About Me? 761


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