Snarky Puppy

The Sugar Club

Dublin, IR

Apr 29, 2017

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About Formats
Show Notes

Snarky Puppy live recording from their show on April 29, 2017 at The Sugar Club in Dublin, Ireland.


A last-minute show in the cozy Sugar Club added after Vicar Street sold out. Board mix with room mics (before our recording rig came in), but the sound is good. The band really stretches each tune. Larnell opens with a lyrical, poly-rhythmic drum intro to Flood. Justin takes the first solo on Moog. ML intros Whitecap with mod-delay harmonics. It’s Bill’s first day with the clavinet and he takes it advantage of it while Maz solos on flugelhorn. Semente gets a Fender Rhodes solo from Bill. Bullock takes a tenor solo on an extended version of Palermo. Grown Folks is funky. Bass solo and lots of rhythmic interaction with drums and percussion before McQueen takes it out on guitar. Marcelo takes a pandeiro intro on Tio Macaco and duets with Larnell to close it. Bill brings Ready Wednesday in with an ostinato. Justin solos on Prophet. Lucy Woodward joins for the encore of Nina Simone’s Be My Husband. Maz trades his trumpet in for a vocal mic. Fun, elastic gig in a small room.


1. Flood

2. Whitecap

3. Semente

4. Palermo

5. Grown Folks

6. Ready Wednesday

7. Be My Husband*


Chris Bullock - tenor sax

Bob Reynolds - tenor sax

Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals

Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards

Bill Laurance - keyboards

Chris McQueen - guitar

Michael League - bass

Larnell Lewis - drums

Marcelo Woloski - percussion

Special Guest:

*Lucy Woodward - vocals


Mike Harrison - sound (front of house)

Matt Recchia - sound (monitors)

Nic Hard - engineering and mixing



Setlist at The Sugar Club, Dublin, IR on Apr 29, 2017

Set One

Flood 705


White Cap 733


Semente 694


Palermo 564


Grown Folks 684


Tio Mo Caco 759


Ready Wednesday 1122


Be My Husband 489


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